How one of golf’s newest rules revisions saved Jon Rahm. 



Jon Rahm wasn’t penalized for playing his ball from the wrong spot during the final round of the Irish Open Sunday, and he has one of golf’s newest rules revisions to thank.

The ruling in question came when Rahm, who won the Irish Open by six, was marking his ball on the 6th green. First, he needed to get his mark out of the line of playing partner Daniel Im. So Rahm marked his ball to the right of it, moved it a putter head over, then watched Im putt. Video showed Rahm moving his ball a putter head back, but then placing his ball in front of the mark, not off to the side.

Rahm was told about the potential two-stroke penalty on the 13th tee by rules official Andy McFee, but after they spoke, McFee said no penalty.

Why not?